People of all ages and walks of life, whether in private or at work, know UHU as the answer to all their gluing needs at home, at the office or at school. UHU caters for all ages starting at kindergarten.

The sense of accomplishment that is gained from successfully achieving a creative activity such as a craft or a model or resolving a technical issue, whether alone or in a team, is what shapes the positive perception of our brand. UHU is always a reliable partner and helper, the reason for receiving high recognition and positive consideration from its consumers.

Today, UHU has become a famous trademark for paper glue in many countries throughout the world. Based in Germany, UHU's activity is global with a strong focus on Europe.

UHU continues to explore users’ increasingly specific expectations, aiming to offer innovative solutions that make using adhesives easier and that produce effective results, in keeping with UHU’s motto:

UHU glues anything, anytime.

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