Linex is one of the leading manufacturers of drawing articles with sales to more than 50 countries all over the world. The Linex brand is owned by Groupe Hamelin and one of the group´s several high quality brands and its mission is to offer their customers the possibility to source a wide range of superior drawing articles and high quality school and stationery products.

In 1923, the Danish civil engineering student, Frede Duelund Nielsen, started manufacturing ship curves. Over the years, he expanded his product line with set squares and rulers; finally, LINEX A/S was formally established in 1935. Exports started in 1936 and grew steadily. After World War II, sales and exports increased dramatically and the company expanded rapidly as Linex became known as one of the leading brands of drawing articles in the world.

The Linex brand has always been synonymous with ultimate precision. We comply with ISO’s standards for drawing articles, which apply to straightness, parallelism and precision. Products are continuously tested against these standards to ensure that our customers get maximum reliability when they purchase a Linex product.

Our motto is:

X-actly – you can be sure of precision whether you are an engineer, an architect, a student or any other user.

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