Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the world’s oldest industrial companies and is now in the hands of the eighth generation of the same family.

1761 Kaspar Faber makes the first Bleyweissstift pencils in a small workshop.

1840 Lothar von Faber lends his name to the pencils, sets standard lengths, diameters and grades of lead hardness that are still in use today, and transforms the lead pencils into a high quality product and the first branded writing implement in the world.


1849 the first overseas branches are founded in New York, London and Paris.

1898 Baroness Ottilie von Faber marries Count Alexander zu Castell-RUDENHAUSEN. The company takes on the name Faber-Castell.

1905 Count Alexander von Faber-Castell develops the legendary Castell 9000. This pencil, with its distinctive form, continues to enjoy international success today.

1928 Roland von Faber-Castell takes over the management company. He acquires a controlling interest in the company Lapis-Johann-Faber S./A. in Brazil, which is now the world’s biggest lead and coloured pencil factory. By establishing international branches and sales divisions, Faber-Castell develops into the world’s leading manufacturer of wooden lead and coloured pencils.

1978 Count Anton W. von Faber-Castell is the eighth generation to take over the management of the family company. He places an increased emphasis on new products and expands the company’s international activities with aim of positioning Faber-Castell as a global brand.

  • The “General Writing” completes the modern workplace in the office or at home with functional pens for taking notes, sketching and correcting.
  • The “Design” series, with its purist and functional design language has become a fundamental part of Faber-Castell range. The series is aimed at the needs of demanding consumers, and is excellent with the elegant products.
  • The Graf von Faber-Castell Collection combines select materials with the greatest functionality and sophisticated aesthetic design.

ENI HOUSE LTD is the proud representative of Faber-Castell in Cyprus since 1995.

ENI HOUSE LTD is a provider of premium stationary products all over Cyprus and Faber-Castell is one of its leading brands.





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